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neighbourhood planning

Diana Kirby

Chair of Tockenham Parish Council 

TEL: 01793 853861 Email:


Update 16th September 2017


At the Neighbourhood Area Plan meeting of 24th August, the Steering Group finalised the following documents

Both documents need to be approved by the Parish Council. This was done at the Parish Council meeting of 5th September. These can now be viewed on the village website under the Parish Council/Neighbourhood Plan section. If you would prefer to see a hard copy - please contact me, as below.

Work has now begun on amalgamating the original Tockenham chapter with the wider policies from the North East Wiltshire Villages Plan. Once complete, the local informal consultation can take place.

Be assured, continuous updates will follow and meetings will be advertised. The next is planned for Thursday 28th September at 2 pm in the Village Hall.

However, if you should have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Diana Kirby

Agenda for meeting 23rd October  2017

Drafft Employment Chapter v1



Minutes of Steering Group Meeting 28/9/17


Minutes of NEW-V steering group member 250717


Agenda for meeting 240817


Consultation strategy Sept 17


Terms of Reference Sept 17


4th December  2017 at 4.15 pm in the Village Hall.

Members of the public are welcome and there will be an opportunity for public questions at the meeting. Or, questions can be forwarded in advance to Diana Kirby at