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Village Fair
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Another great Tockenham Village Fair was held on Saturday 15th July, at some moments in the morning it looked as if we might get wet but someone must have been looking down on us as we had a lovely afternoon! I have heard lots of comments from all sorts of people who enjoyed their day and that is a credit to all who helped put on the event, both before and on the actual day.
Thank you to everyone who came to help set up on the morning, it was the best turnout we have had in years and it made some difference in getting the area set for the day. Also to those who helped clear up, by 7pm you wouldnt have known that anything had happened in the Playground.
There are some fantastic photographs that can be seen on the website www.tockenhamvillagefair.co.uk these have been taken by Lynne Horwitz, and really give a flavour of the day.
A special thank you to the Fair Committee for all the planning, and those who manned stalls on the day, the event wouldnt happen without you.
 In total it looks as if we have raised just short of £8000 and an incredible sum, not confirmed yet as some monies are still coming in but we dont expect to be far off. These monies will be split between the Church and Village Hall with a donation to Swindon Talking News, this years charity.
Rosie Carpenter
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There are more photos to be found, including some wonderful aerial photography, here ===> (click)