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You may recall we said there was a pattern to our monthly services with three per month.  However April is the exception! We will be having a service every Sunday – see the list – as not only is it Easter, it is a 5-Sunday month and it is our turn to host the service on the 5th Sunday where we get together with the other churches in our group (called a benefice). We look forward to seeing you at any of these. You will also spot that there are several additional services in the benfice, as we mark the journey to the Crucifixion – Holy Week brings Maundy Thursday and Good Friday before the joy of Easter Day
 If you find it hard to work out when our services are, do look on the notice boards at church and around the village, or check the village calendar on the Tockenham website.
 As part of our Easter celebration will hope to do some cleaning in church on Saturday 15 April in the morning, any time from 10am. Coffee and a welcome for all! The flower ladies will also be working to decorate the church -  a big thank you to all of you who undertake this for our festivals and month by month.
 The series of 2 different discussion groups for Lent continues until the first week of April. The series on issues arising from the film ‘The King’s Speech’ is at 48 Poynder Place on Thursday 6 April, 7.30 to 9pm (please ring Elaine Leighton on 01249 760537 for more details), and the series on ‘Amazing Love’ is at the Vicarage ,Wood Street, Clyffe Pypard on Monday 3 April from 4.30 to 6pm: please contact the Vicar for more details on 01793 731134.
 After Easter comes the Annual Parochial Church meeting on Monday 24 April at 7pm in the church, where all people living in the village may elect our church wardens, and everyone on the church electoral roll may elect the members of the parochial church council (PCC) and contribute to the meeting. If you are already on the roll, you don’t need to renew this – your membership will carry over to the next year. If you are not on the roll and would like to be (or can’t remember if you are or not!) please talk to Pauline Arnold, 01793 854157) to find out more about it. The deadline for joining the roll is 2 weeks ahead of the meeting ie Monday 10 April.
 In previous years we have produced calendars and Christmas cards to raise funds for the church and to give a spirit of  place and identity to our village in pictures. An idea for our next project is that we might produce some kind of small book, to include photos of the village then and now, reminiscences from people who have lived here for a number of years, and recipes from anyone living in Tockenham. This might be quite a big project but we’d like to hear from you as to whether you think it would be possible. We would need your ideas and your photos so without you we can’t make a start. If it goes ahead we’d like to have it ready by about this time next year. Please let us know your thoughts by ringing Ken and Pauline Arnold on 01793 854157, or emailing us on .

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