Consultation conducted in preparation of the above plan supported revival of Neighbourhood Watch across Tockenham.  Wiltshire Police were coincidentally introducing a new email / text messaging system across Wiltshire to support both Neighbourhood Watch and other public consultation / support mechanisms.  This is called ‘Wiltshire Community Messaging’.  This system will also be adopted by Local Councils, Highways, Wiltshire Fire and other agencies to deliver timely information targeted at ‘signed-up’ members of the public in specific post code areas.

 Joining your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme allows you to receive ‘Alert’ email messages (currently 3 or 4 per week) about incidents or crime information in and around the local area.  When the Police need to circulate more urgent information in ‘real time’ (e.g. suspicious persons or vehicles), they will circulate this by text to scheme members who have included a mobile telephone number on their Community Messaging login.

 As in 2004, Tockenham has been divided into 7 schemes.  These have been registered with Wiltshire Police and mapped into the Community Messaging system.  The schemes and their respective coordinators are shown below.  Over the next few weeks you are likely to be contacted by your coordinator and invited to register with Wiltshire Community Messaging and join your local scheme.  

They can assist in managing this process if necessary.




neighbourhood watch in Tockenham

Neighbourhood Watch Scheme area


Tockenham Wick

David Barnes, Tockenham Manor

The Hillocks (down to Beckets House)

Mike Davidson, 4 The Hillocks

Primrose Hill, Tockenham

Lee Coulton, 20 Primrose Hill

Orchard Lane (incl. 5-8 W Tockenham)  

Rosie Carpenter, Helier House

West Tockenham

Jane Moore The Tangle

Tockenham Court Road

Rosemary Knight, Well Cottage

Greenway, Tockenham

Stuart Richardson, Chillipepper Cottage

 Please support these schemes and help keep our community safe.


For more information about Neighbourhood Watch in Wiltshire, check out the website:-